JaneDI was born in Montgomery, Alabama and spent what might be called an “adventurous” childhood there until I was 12 years old. My family moved to the Atlanta area in 1960. I graduated from high school in Decatur, Georgia and went off to college from there. I have one sister who still lives in the Atlanta area.

I’ve made a variety of “career moves” – from menial labor to management in the public, government and private arenas. I served 10 years in the military – three years active duty and seven years reserve duty. I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Georgia State University and worked toward a Master of Divinity Degree at Candler School of Theology at Emory University.

I was ordained in the Diocese of Atlanta in 1995. I am what is referred to as a “bi-vocational” deacon. One of my vocations is working with children, most of whom would fall into the “at risk” category. The other vocation I lay claim to is that of Deacon. I’ve been attending and serving at St. Mark’s since 1998 and can say without equivocation that whatever service I’ve been able to offer has been returned in kind many times over.

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