The lay ministry of St. Mark’s includes Vergers, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, and Eucharistic Visitors.

The Verger leads the procession into and out of the church, carrying the virge, or mace—a practice which began in the middle ages, when it was often necessary to clear cattle, etc. away so that the procession could pass from the town square to the church. The Verger may also assist at the altar as needed.

Lectors read lessons from the Old and New Testaments during services.

Eucharistic Ministers serve wine at the altar and read the Prayers of the People.

Eucharistic Visitors take communion to our parishioners who, due to illness, are unable to attend services. This ministry is an extension of the Sunday service held at the church.

For more information about serving in any of these capacities, please contact the church office.

Current Month Schedule for Lay Leaders:

September, 2017