Giving to Support the Mission of St. Mark's

There are several options for how to make your offering to the work of the church:

  • Mail in your check as you always have
    • 207 N. Greenwood St. LaGrange, GA 30240
  • Drop your check in the black lock box to the right of the red church doors
  • Set up electronic payments through your bank
    • This can often be the easiest option and has no fees associated with it.
    • Go to your bank’s website
    • St. Mark’s won’t be listed among the major vendors your bank already knows like your mortgage company or cell phone provider, but often all you need is the name of the church and the address to set it up yourself.  It won’t be a direct draft, but instead your bank will automatically mail St. Mark’s a check.
  • Click the red “Give Now” button below
    • This option will take you to our “Tithely” portal
    • You will see an option to “login/sign up”, but this is only required to set up a recurring gift
    • This is also the only option with fees associated (higher fees for credit card, lower fees for bank drafts)

Click the red “Give Now” button above to give online.  You have the option of using your bank account or credit card (bank fees are about 1.5%; credit card fees are about 3.0%).  We invite you to “cover the fees” by ticking the box after entering your account number.  This will help ensure that our ministries are supported 100%.

An example of “covering the fees”: if you make a $100 gift with your credit card, then about $97 of that gift will come to St. Mark’s.  If you make a $100 gift on Tithely with a credit card and “cover the fees”, then the total amount you will be charged is about $103.  If you make a $100 gift on Tithely through an automatic bank draft and “cover the fees”, then the total charged would be about $101.50  All charges are explained before you submit payment.

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