Stained Glass Restoration

The project to fund our Stained Glass restoration was undertaken in 2019, and the project began in late January 2020 with the removal of our glass by artisans from Associated Crafts and Willet Hauser.  Our glass is currently onsite at the workshop in Winona, Minnesota.

Studio work began near the beginning of March.  Here are some photos of the windows in progress.  Current estimates point to our windows possibly returning in mid-August with re-installation completed sometime in September.

Updates will be provided as work commences, and we anticipate a completion date of early 2021 fall 2020.  The work proceeds like this:

– Uncrate each window carefully

– Detailed pictures of each window

– Graphite rubbings of each window

– Each window placed in a solution/bath for cleaning

– Facets of glass removed from lead underwater

– Glass placed on top of graphite rubbings to ensure proper placement and repair of any chipped or damaged pieces

– New leading created for each window

– Cement the glass to the lead

– Bars and metal work for stability

– Windows return to us

– Windows replaced in location with tempered glass protective shield on the outside

The biggest difference we will notice upon their return is how much brighter and cleaner the windows are after 60 years.  An invisible but important change will be the move away from Plexiglas to using tempered glass as the outdoor protection, providing additional protection from breakage and also additional insulation of the nave.  The most important difference is that this restoration and protection will ensure the life of these windows for the next 75-100 years!

Thank you for taking the time to explore how you can be part of preserving our beautiful stained glass for another generation!  Click the links above left to learn more about this project, and feel free to call the church office for more information.  Call or email the parish administrator with your pledge amount, or simply send your check, memo line “Stained Glass 2019.”  Though fundraising for this project exceeded our goal, any additional funds will be placed in a dedicated fund for the preservation of our glass into the future.

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