Online Worship

How to take part in services while we are online:

The simplest way is to sign up for our E-Lion.

  • You will receive the weekly email on Thursday
  • Every Sunday morning at 7:30am you will be emailed a link in advance of the 10:30am service, taking you directly to the video page for that Sunday’s service.
  • You will receive a link on Wednesday mornings taking you directly to the video page for the 5:30pm Celtic Evening Eucharist.

You can also click here for all videos of worship services.

This link will take you to the portion of the St. Mark’s Facebook page dedicated to videos.  You should be able to find the current service as well as past services, though they are not always listed in chronological order.

You can click here to see the entire St. Mark’s Facebook page.

This will allow you to see all content posted: videos, photos, events, and all other posts.

None of these require you to have a Facebook account.  Click “not now” and you WILL still be able to view content.  Those without a Facebook account could run into additional hurdles, but not usually.

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