Learn Who We Are

Situated downtown, along the Thread’s model mile and right across the street from Synovus Bank, St. Mark’s is easy to spot because of the seven ton granite cross located outside our front doors.  Whether you come for worship or one of our community groups: welcome!  You are invited to enjoy our space.  Don’t forget to check out the symbols on both sides of the cross, and walk away asking yourself those three questions: Who are you? Where are you going?  Why?

Your first visit is likely to be for worship, in which case you’ll come through our distinctive red doors into the church itself.  If you arrive for one of our many group meetings, education events, or as a member of the range of outside groups we host, you’ll want to enter our Cloister Room through one of the wooden doors to the right, after which you can find your way to the parish office or the Good Shepherd Parish Hall. 

Parking can be found on street level, or enter our parking lot through Greenwood Street or Haralson Street, and walk up the outside steps to the main level.  If you are coming for a worship service, parking can often be found across the street at Synovus or the Clark Holder Clinic.  Street level parking near the church is reserved for handicapped persons on Sunday mornings.

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