Sunday School

Find Your Place In Sunday School!

From September through May we meet each week for learning and fellowship. On The first Sunday, we share breakfast and conversation.  The other Sundays of the month are divided by topic.  It’s your chance to make a commitment to learning about God’s love in community.

Our 2nd Sundays are “Church Craft” and “Coffee With Jesus.”  Church Craft is our class for children, where they learn the building blocks of our faith, while all adults are invited to the church library to have Coffee With Jesus.

3rd Sundays we are diving into the book “Seculosity” by David Zahl.  It’s all about replacement religions, or the things that we worship in place of God.

4th Sundays are for Bible study.  This year we are looking at the parables by reading through the “Short Stories of Jesus” by Amy Jill Levine.

Come every week, come as often as you can, but make a commitment to being involved in at least one class – to build a community that will help you build your faith!

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