Sunday School

Join us for "Not Your Typical Sunday School"

Sunday school is a little different this year. Now you don’t have to be at church an hour early (or stay after the 8:00 service). Instead, each week a 10-15 minute lecture video will be linked in the weekly E-Lion and in the Sunday morning email.  In addition, we will have weekly small group discussions virtually via Zoom about the content of those videos!

Click here for access to previously available videos.

If you’ve never taken part in any kind of Sunday School or Christian Formation, now is a great time to get involved!

Consider joining a group, not only to dive deeper on the content, but also to connect to your friends at St. Mark’s. To join a discussion group, simply email Groups will generally be 4-6 people and will decide for themselves when they want to meet. There are currently two facilitators hosting groups on Sunday morning!

Our youth director, Will Roberts has formed a group for teenagers. Notify the church office to be included in this group.

For Families with young children, the resources at offer good suggestions for activities and discussion with children.
It won’t be typical, but it will be a chance to keep learning and telling the story of God’s love!
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